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Organising A Virtual Annual General meeting?

The Covid 19 situation has forced many companies to innovate and in order to reach their stakeholders and shareholders are exploring a Virtual Annual General Meeting. With restrictions in place on physical events and gatherings, this is now a reccomended approach from the authorities. 

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AGM Live Webcast

AGM Registration

Meetings can still be held in accordance with safe distancing measures and guidelines – with customized registration to ensure your stakeholders are registered.

Max. X People At Same Location

Dependant on the safe distancing guidelines at the time of the meeting, we will help you adhere to the regulations.



Full Video and Audio Transcript

Record your entire meeting easily for transcription and keep a detailed analysis of the votes, chats and Q&A. 




Weighted Proxy Polling

Adjust the weightage or assign a proxy to vote on behalf during the registration phase and get instant accurate results.


Steps to Executing a Virtual Annual General Meeting


Register Your Voters & Attendees

You would need to inform us how and when you would like to register your voters/attendees. Upon registration, your voters can assign proxy for voting rights or simply just view the session. The MA/AGM committee will approve the registrations back end to ensure only valid participants attend.

Programme Planning and Sequence

Identify who will be speaking on screen. Due to the limitations in bandwidth, our software can only accomodate up to 8 LIVE speakers and up to 2000 LIVE attendees. Discuss with us if you need to share your slides or playback videos so we can cue the sequence for you back end 


Inform Your Residents/Stakeholders/Shareholders

Once they have been registered, trigger off an automated email to inform them how and when to log in to watch the Live Stream. Participate via Chat/Q&A/Polling during the event itself. No downloads required.


Detailed Post Meeting Report & Analytics

Find out who registered, who voted, who logged in and who said what in the chat. With a full audio and video recording made available to you instantly, you won’t miss out any details in the meeting.

Go Hybrid or Full Digital

Our team can film the board members at the meeting room and transmit that stream to thousands of shareholders or residents OR we could simply go fully digital. 

On-site Live Webcast

For meetings on site – our team will film, mic up and include all necessary production for the execution of the live-stream. 


Multi-Location Live Webcast

Connect with up to 8 LIVE speakers through our online platform and interact with them. Conduct Q&A and Weighted Voting/Polling for your shareholders/residents


Watch It Live

No downloads required – your audience can tune in to the Live Stream of the AGM after being verified to watch on their preferred devices.
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